Connected Living
Improved productivity by delivering well-being for employees with families

Connected Living by Circles
helps employees with family assistance and direct communication via the private Connected Living mobile app.

Values Wheel


Keep employees happy by providing family assistance for work/life balance.


Improve engagement with employees through direct communications.


Reinforce your company's value as a family-friendly workplace.


Reduce employee stress and absenteeism by providing easy family connection services.

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Employee peace of mind through a constant and private connection to their families

The Connected Living mobile app enables employees to setup a private social network for their family. Employees are able to share photos and videos, while also receiving important location information and alerts.

A helping hand to assist your employees at their busiest times

Employees can access a team of Circles personal assistants 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year. Our leading concierge service can help to organize appointments and transportation, find and purchase gifts, and even plan that family vacation.

The new model of employee engagement

The Connected Living mobile app enables you to push automatic updates to your employees for important events or timely information. No more unopened emails or unread flyers.

Free to download for your employees and their families

Connected Living works across multiple Apple iOS and Android devices so every employee can stay connected with their entire family. A unique company code identifies users as your employees for your automatic messages.

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