A message from our CEO, Sarah Hoit

We started with the vision to transform the experience of aging for our country’s seniors and their families.

Their challenging personal experiences caring for family members around the country solidified their belief that there had to be a better way to address aging in America. Six years later, Connected Living connects over 20,000 seniors to their families and friends across generations and miles.

  • Sarah Hoit
    Sarah Hoit
    CEO and Co-Founder
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  • Neil Sullivan
    Neil Sullivan
    Chief Operating Officer
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  • Brian McWade
    Brian McWade
    Chief of Staff
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  • Patti Holbrook
    Patti Holbrook
    Chief Financial Officer
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  • Robert Gordon
    Robert Gordon
    Chief Global Officer
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  • Kristi Short
    Kristi Short
    Chief Technology Officer
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  • Crista Cardillo
    Crista Cardillo
    Executive Vice President of Business Development
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  • Shaun Kennedy
    Shaun Kennedy
    Senior Vice President of Technology
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  • Denise Chaudhari
    Denise Chaudhari
    Vice President of Creative
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  • Andrew Lowenstein
    Andrew Lowenstein
    International Strategy
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  • Allen Traub
    Allen Traub
    QA Analyst
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  • Darren Noisette
    Darren Noisette
    Director of Implementation and Customer Experience
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  • Erik Bollinger
    Erik Bollinger
    Senior Software Engineer
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  • Josiah Strandberg
    Josiah Strandberg
    Senior Software Engineer
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  • Kory Bricker
    Kory Bricker
    Senior Mobile Architect
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  • Kim Park
    Kim Park
    Operations Manager
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  • Mitchell Brogan
    Mitchell Brogan
    Marketing Specialist
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  • Mike Shell
    Mike Shell
    Senior Cross Platform Software Engineer
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  • Stephan Arsenault
    Stephan Arsenault
    Senior Software Engineer
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  • Susan Hickey
    Susan Hickey
    Director of Operations
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  • Vay Su
    Vay Su
    Financial Assistant
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  • Sarah Hoit
    Sarah Hoit
    CEO and Co-Founder

  • Larry Rosenfeld

  • Thomas P. Reilly

  • James A. Parrelly

  • Richard P. Grimes
    Chair, Connected Living ADBO
    Former President & CEO, ALFA
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  • Anne Doyle
    President, Lasell Village, Inc.
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  • Blair Minton
    President, Journey Senior Living, LLC
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  • Carl Sparks
    Board Member, Dunkin’ Brands
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  • Chris Winkle
    CEO, Sunrise Senior Living
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  • Craig Best
    Pres. & CEO, Tufts Medical Center
    Physicians Organization

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  • Dale Watchowski
    President, CEO, COO,
    Board Member, REDICO, LLC

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  • Edie Fraser
    CEO, STEMconnector
    & MillionWomenMentors

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  • Evrett Benton
    President & CEO
    Stellar Senior Living

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  • George Vradenburg
    Chairman, USAgainstAlzheimers
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  • Gloria Johnson-Cusack
    Executive Director, Leadership 18
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  • Joseph L. Bower
    Donald K. David Professor Emeritus
    Harvard Business School

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  • John Replogle
    President & CEO
    Seventh Generation

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  • Justin Hutchens
    EVP & Chief Investment Officer
    Senior House and Care at HCP Inc.

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  • Karen Shayne
    Women Survivors Alliance

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  • Laurence Gerber
    President & CEO
    EPOCH Senior Living

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  • Loren Shook
    President, CEO & Board Chairman
    Silverado Senior Living

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  • Louis Upkins
    CEO & Co-Founder
    Well Placed Smile

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  • Marlin Collingwood
    Executive Director, Families for
    Depression Awareness

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  • Mary Bruce
    Co-Executive Director
    AmeriCorps Alums

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  • Monique Burns-

    President, Teach Plus
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  • Ned Eames
    President & Founder

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  • Nicole Kaufman
    Chief Development Officer
    Compass Pointe Healthcare System

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  • Paul Casale Jr.
    Executive Director, Welch
    Healthcare and Retirement Group

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  • Peter Palandjian
    Chairman & CEO, Intercontinental
    Real Estate Corporation

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  • Rick Allen

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  • Scott Ranson
    Hanger, Inc.

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  • Tiffany Tomasso
    Founding Partner
    Kensington Senior Living

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We stand by what we teach at Connected Living.
Below are few of the things that fuel our stellar team.

Delight our customers
and partners

Build a positive team
of passionate people

Do more with less

Create safe &
easy-to-use products

Support a family-friendly
work environment

Be humble and listen

Embrace and drive social change

Make an impact every day
and have fun doing it!

Join the movement.

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